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Srugim – Season 2, Ep. 10

Directed by: Eliezer Shapiro
39 Minutes, 2010, Drama

Nati decides to step up and show his self-worth at the mall. Yifat needs to take a chill pill, or maybe she needs to stop taking pills. You decide. Hodaya’s relationship is headed for disaster, but who is to blame, and why? And as for Roi and Reut, all we can say is, WOW.


Director: Eliezer Shapiro

Producer: Abut-Barkai Talisma Productions

Cast: Tali Sharon

Cast: Yael Sharoni

Cast: Sharon Fauster

Cast: Ohad Knoeler

Cast: Amos Tamam

Cast: Ori Halachmi

Written by: Laizy Shapiro

Written by: Hava Deevon

Written by: Ori Elon

Written by: Yael Rubinstein

Written by: Renanit Parshani

Distributor: Go2Films