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Special Interview – The Film

Directed by: Nitzan Rozenberg, Nitzan Rozenberg
55 Minutes, 2012

Two young people with disabilities become star reporters in this uplifitng documentary. Efrat Dotan is 27 years old and has Down syndrom. 20 year old Matanel Bitton has developmental disabilites. Efrat and Matanel spend their days at SHALVA-The Associatin for Mentally and Physically Challenged Children in Israel where they are taught life skills that enable them to reach their mazimim potential. They have interviewed many well known personalities but their dream is to interview President Barak Obama. We follow them on a journey as they pursue their drewm and allow us to peak into their unique world. 


Directors: Nitzan Rozenberg, Nitzan Rozenberg

Producer: Ynet

Producer: Asaf Finkelstein