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Song of the Siren

Directed by: Eytan Fox
95 Minutes, 1994, Comedy

January, 1991. While most of the populace bites its nails during the count down toward the Gulf War,Talila Katz, a beautiful and sharp tongued middle-aged woman, enjoys great days. She meets Noah, a “square” engineer, who is very different from the elegant Italian-suit men that surround her in the PR office that she works at.They begin a relationship, but will it work out in the end? 


Director: Eytan Fox

Producer: Jonathan Aroch

Cast: Orly Silbersatz Banai

Cast: Dalit Kahan

Cast: Rozina Kambus

Cast: Yafa Yarkoni

Cast: Rami Baruch

Cast: Chen Chagai

Cast: Charli Buzaglo

Cast: Amona Tzvi

Cast: Karin Ofir

Cast: Boaz Gur-Lavi

Cast: Avital Dicker

Cast: Yair Lapid

Cast: Nissin Zohar

Cast: Dori Ben-Ze’ev

Cast: Meir Swisa

Screenplay : Irit Linur

Music: Adi Cohen

Wardrobe: Sharon Blumenfeld

Director of Photography: Avi Koren

Production Designer: Yoram Shayer

Casting Director: Orit Azoulay

Editor: Zohar Sela