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Directed by: Savi Gabizon
86 Minutes, 1990

ASHER YESHURUN is a small-time Tel Aviv hustler, who, after failing in a number of business ventures, gets the inspiration to write a self-help book entitled To Banish the Raven. Asher’s first, naive efforts at self-promotion fail dismally. But when a friend arranges an appearance on a late-night television talk show, Asher’s little sermon on the merits of not-taking-life-too-seriously is surprisingly successful, and a small group of souls, lost in Tel Aviv, gathers around him. In a two-week period, Asher decisively alters the lives of his followers, before the group collapses when Asher’s shady past suddenly catches up with him. Disillusioned, the group disperses into the cold Tel Aviv winter’s night. Some break down, others emerge, strengthened by the experience, into new relationships and new loves


Director: Savi Gabizon

Producer: Yochanan Raviv

Producer: Jonathan Aroch

Cast: Shmuel Edelman

Music Composer: Lior Tevet

Cinematographer: Yoav Kosh

Film Editor: Tali Halter-Shenkar

Art Director: Shmuel Moaz

Writer: Savi Gabizon

Writer: Yohanan Raviv