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Directed by: Yishai Orian
60 Minutes, 2011

They grew up in a kibbutz in the Galilee and life seemed to be perfect. The wild partying, drugs, and constant seeking were a way to fill the growing void between them and their parents. They rebelled against the Kibbutz values they were brought up on, and longed for some other truth. When one of them found redemption and became a Breslav Hassid in front of their very eyes, the others had to decide whether they were going to join him and challenge the extreme secularity of the Kibbutz. For more than 14 years, Yishai Oren has documented the turmoil in his life and in the lives of his friends, the “Seekers”-from hunting wild boars to making pilgrimages to the tombs of Jewish saints; from Goa in India to Uman in Ukraine; between marriage and divorce; between the city and the Kibbutz.


Director: Yishai Orian

Producer: Duki Dror