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Schwartz Dynasty

Directed by: Amir Hasfari, Shmuel Hasfari
99 Minutes, 2005, Comedy; Drama; Romance

Miriam is heartbroken because she cannot bury her husband, who committed suicide, in the cemetery of the moshav her family founded. Ana, who has traveled from Russia to bury her father’s ashes in the same cemetery, also runs into roadblocks, and, to her surprise, falls in love. Despite a number of ingenious attempts, the efforts of the two women are thwarted at every turn. Can they succeed against the cemetery politics? This bittersweet comedy leaves a warm, haunting feeling that continues on after the film ends.


Directors: Amir Hasfari, Shmuel Hasfari

Producer: Moshe Danon

Cast: Miryam Zohar

Cast: Tal Friedman

Cast: Yehuda Levi

Cast: Assaf Ashtar

Cast: Hana Azoulay Ashtar

Cast: Ania Bukstein

Cast: Sharon Elimelech

Cast: Vladimir Friedman

Cast: Israel Katorza

Cast: Amos Lavi

Cast: Dov Navon

Cast: Yamit Sol

Written by: Shmuel Hasfari

Written by: Amir Hasfari

Distributor: United King Films

Distributor: IsraeliFilms