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Saving Nur

Directed by: Nili Tal
60 Minutes, 2016

They knocked on every possible door in Gaza. Dr. Rami came to Hamdallah, prime minister and the Palestinian Authority television station, “Palestine Today”, belonging to the Islamic Jihad and begged – please let us go to Israel to provide medical care for our daughter – Nur.  The story of the struggle of parents from Gaza, Ibrahim and Maha, for the life of their daughter Nur, 9-year-old, who has has a genetic disease due to family inbred and is receiving treatment at Rambam and Schneider hospital, where she is treated by a doctor that is a Lt. Col. in the reserves. The head nurse responsible decides above all to drive across the border, from one hospital to another – Israeli volunteers from families that are bereaved from the Israeli wars. In Gaza the grandmother is raising Ibrahim and Maha’s three children alone, who had not seen their children for over a year.


Director: Nili Tal