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Round Trip

Directed by: Shahar Rozen
95 Minutes, 2003

Working from a script by Noa Grinberg, Shahar Rosen’s Round Trip stars Anat Waxman as Nurit, a bus driver who becomes so dissatisfied with her dead-end marriage that she takes her two children and moves to Tel Aviv. She soon learns that even though she has gotten away from her husband, her life is no more fulfilling. One day, Nurit hires Nigerian Mushidi (Nthati Moshesh) as a maid. Soon the pair become friends — and then something more. Their new relationship causes problems between Nurit and her family.


Director: Shahar Rozen

Producer: Limor Kalu

Producer: Micha Shagrir

Cast: Anat Waxman

Cast: Eyal Rozales

Cast: Nthati Moshesh

Cast: Natan Zahavi

Cast: Ido Port

Cast: Reut Kahlon

Music Composer: Erez Nataf

Writer: Noa Greenberg

Cinematographer: Tomer Shani

Film Editor: Dani Itzhaki

Casting Director: Liat Ben Haviv

Assistant Director: Liat Ben Haviv