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Directed by: Amos Kollek
100 Minutes, 2007

Moshe’s life seems to have hit rock bottom. His many small business ventures are going under. He can’t even afford to pay rent on his disheveled basement apartment. 20 years ago Moshe was a moderately successful poet in Israel, but never got the recognition he felt he deserved. When his son was born, feelings of entrapment and disappointment prevailed. He left for New York to seek his fortune and never looked back. Tzach is a handsome young man, serving as a soldier in an elite unit of the Israeli army. Tzach lives on the edge, risking his life in every possible way, as though trying to ease some internal wound. After his mother’s death, Tzach finds his father’s address among some papers, and decides to contact him, unleashing years of pent up anger and resentment. 


Director: Amos Kollek

Producer: Michael Tapuah

Cast: Moshe Ivgy

Cast: Ran Danker

Cast: Karen Young

Cast: Phyllis Somerville

Cast: Michael Moshonov

Cast: Tzahi Grad

Cast: Arnon Zadok

Cast: Ethan Gould

Cast: Albert Iluz

Cast: Miri Mesika

Cast: Udi Rothchild

Cast: Yousef “Joe” Sweid

Cast: Nadia Gilot

Cast: Adrian Blaze

Production Designer: Yoram Shayer

Sound Man: Tuli Chen

Lighting : Avishai Azoulay

Editor : Isaac Tzahyek

Costume Designer: Dani Bar Shai

Production Designer : Yoram Shayer

Lighting : Adam Verta