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Restless Night

Directed by: Yaniv Ben-Atar
30 Minutes, 2008

Saar is an “Intifada” veteran, a former undercover soldier in the special forces of the Israeli army. He and Ayala, his girlfriend in the past five years are about to be wed.

As their wedding day approaches, Saar suffers from anger tantrums and flash backs more often. The image of Ido, his best friend from the unit who was killed, follows him everywhere.

Ayala assumes that his odd behavior has to do with stress before the wedding so she lets him be. Slowly she begins to fear that it has something to do with his military service. That is how Ayala’s journey in search of the reason for the behavior of her soon to be husband begins.


Director: Yaniv Ben-Atar

Producer: Alon Kirshner

Cinematographer: Ran Landau

Editor: Yaniv Ben-Atar

Editor: Danit Uziel

Original music: Yehonatan Sahar

Writer: Yaniv Ben-Atar