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Release the Princess

Directed by: Oron Adar

Release the Princess is a gimmick-filled TV show known for its extravagant prizes. Its dungeon-like set features a hanging cage in which a beautiful, helpless Princess is held, waiting for the contestant who will succeed in releasing her. Schechter, the host of the show, keeps Elinor locked up there, so that she can be his lover. Out of the blue he gets a phone call from Mona, demanding that he “release the princess”. Not long afterward, the princess disappears. Shechter and his bosses set off on a manhunt to find the girl who personifies their show. Meanwhile, Mona will do everything she can to make sure the cage stays empty.


Director: Oron Adar

Producer: Eyal Shiray

Producer: David Mandil

Cast: Liat Glick

Cast: Juliano Mer

Cast: Mayan Kart

Cast: Maor Cohen

Cast: Asher Tzarfati

Cast: Shraga Harpaz

Cast: Ilan Ganani

Cast: Shimon Mimran

Cast: Nadav Shmuel

Cast: Edna Kadar

Cast: Aryeh Cherner

Cast: Dror Taplizky

Cast: Dori Naomko

Screenwriter: Oron Adar

1st Assistant Director: Noa Hernick

Gaffer: Nimi Getter

Sound Man: Amos Tzipori

Casting Director: Galit Eshkol

Cinematographer: Ofer Harari

Make Up Artist: Orit Itzhak

Costumer: Etti Lugassi

Focus Puller: Micky Benyamini

Key Grip: Micha Ben Simchon