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Directed by: Laura Bialis
117 Minutes, 2008

REFUSENIK is the first retrospective film to chronicle the thirty-year international movement to free Soviet Jews. What started as a small grassroots movement bold enough to take on a Cold War superpower blossomed into an international human rights crusade that engaged the disempowered and world leaders alike. Told through the eyes of activists on both sides of the Iron Curtain – many of whom survived punishment in Soviet Gulag labor camps – the film isa tapestry of first-person accounts of heroism, sacrifice, and ultimately, liberation.


Director: Laura Bialis

Producer: Laura Bialis

Producer: Stephanie Seldin Howard

Producer: Foundation for Documentary Projects

Camera: John Ealer

Camera: Sarah Levy

Editor: Allan Holzman

Editor: Tchavdar Georgiev

Original Music: Charles Bernstein