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Red Sea the End

Directed by: Nurit Jacobs-Yinon
30 Minutes, 2002

Eilat has many faces, some of them unfamiliar: The face of love, suffering and dreaming, the face of people for whom Eilat is not just a way station or a fleeting moment of their lives, but a final destination. These are the people who call Eilat home.

Our heroes are Eilatis above all, nourished by and dependent on the Red Sea. Each lives life just as we all do, but at a different pace. Sometimes, time seems to race by, but at other times, it submits to the sea and stops entirely.

Through the stories of four intrepid souls, the film tells about the Gulf of Eilat from the point of view of its permanent residents, whose intensive love for their home and for the sea may be compared in magnitude only to the irreparable damage that has become its destiny.

These are four people who owe their livelihoods, peace of mind and passion to the sea but cannot stop its extinction.


Director: Nurit Jacobs-Yinon