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Directed by: Alex Gentelev
90 Minutes, 2014

In today’s Russia, tens of thousands of houses, businesses, factories and private land have all been victims of hostile seizures, not by individuals, but by organized corporations. These “enterprises” comprise not only of criminal bosses but also well-known politicians, oligarchs, police officers, judges and prosecutors, the “Raiders”. Ownership of property is taking on a different meaning in Russia, the system turns a blind eye, nothing is safe. Award-winning director Alexander Gentelev (“Oligarchs”, “Thieves by Law”, “Putin’s Games”) follows raided victims and several takeovers in this investigative documentary film.


Director: Alex Gentelev

Producer: Sasha Klein

Producer: Simone Baumann

Writer: Alex Gentelev

Editor: Evgeny Ruman

Editor: Gil Shnaiderovich

Original music: Avi Benjamin

Cinematographer: Avner Shahaf, Franz Koch, Vyacheslav Sachkov, Konstantin Ovchinnikov, Jerzy Palacz