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Rafi Bukaee, My Father

Directed by: Mika Adler
63 Minutes, 2012

Guy Bukaee was two years and four months old when his father Rafi died in December 2003. When he turned 10 he decided to get to know his father before his memories fade and disappear. Rafi Bukaee directed only three films, among them the significant “Avanti Popolo,” and was one of the dominant figures to revitalize Israeli cinema in the 1980s. The film describes Guy’s journey to his father. Meetings and scraps of information he collects about his father are interwoven with dramatic scenes staged exclusively for this film by Assi Dayan and Gidi Dar. The final scene was directed by 10 year old Guy with the help of his friends.


Director: Mika Adler

Producer: Shai Ben Saadon

Cinematographer: Yoav Kosh

Original music: Uri Ophir