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Queen of Jerusalem

Directed by: Dani Dothan, Dalia Mevorach
75 Minutes, 2009

Archaeologist, Professor Trude Dothan was born in Vienna in 1922. Her son decides to launch an “archaelogical” excavation in her Jerusalem house.

He finds the death mask of poet Elsa Lasker-Schuler and marionettes in a wooden chest. Secrets unravel as he gets deeper into the layers of her home and heart.


Directors: Dani Dothan, Dalia Mevorach

Producer: Dani Dothan

Producer: Dalia Mevorach

Writer: Dani Dothan

Writer: Ron Goldman

Writer: Dalia Mevorach

Cinematographer: Itzik Portal

Editor: Ron Goldman

Sound Designer: Yossi Appelbaum

Music Supervisor: Jasmin Even

Sound Editor: Idan Shamash