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Directed by: Yair Orbach

Yossi is a 3rd year student is the Sapir College near Sderot. One day, Yossi meets Michal in the Shelter during a “Red Color” alarm and he falls in love. The problem is that Michal rarely visits Yossi’s Campus. Yossi reallizes that he will only be able to see her again if he arranges “Red Color” alarm during Michal’s visits, therfore, Yossi and his roomate Simon close a deal with two Hamas activists.
Unexpectedly, it turns out that almost everyone in the campus, has an interest in having a “Red Color” alarm at a certain point in time. Including the College President
The love story between Yossi and Michal leads to an upside-down world in which Qassam rockets play a positive role….


Director: Yair Orbach

Producer: Anat Lavi