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Promised Land

Directed by: Avi Hemy
52 Minutes, 2008

Hardships, confusion and pessimism bring unprecedented numbers of Israelis to the doorsteps of European embassies, applying for foreign passports in search of a brighter future and a safer homeland.

Promised Land follows three of them – Hilik, Shani and Ilana, all descendants of Holocaust survivors – through their journeys to obtain the desired German passport.  A complex and stirring story unfolds as disturbing questions of homeland and history are addressed.

Hilik Popper, whose traumatic experiences in the Lebanon War drove him to immigrate to Germany, is facing his ultra-Zionist brother`s accusations and his father`s wary broken heart.

Shani Rizer is flying for the first time in her life to Germany, in search of her grandfather`s lost documents.  Gradually her feelings of fear and resentment give way to an affectionate quest for her own newly-acquired German identity.

Ilana, born and raised in a Kibbutz to parents who embodied the Zionist ideal, is torn between her recently-dead father`s unspoken will and the future of her only daughter.

Standing together at the entrance of the Bergen-Belsen memorial site, they face the hardest question of all.


Director: Avi Hemy

Producer: Idan Regev

Cinematographer: Ofer Harari

Editor: Yuval Mantzura