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Directed by: Tali Shalom Ezer
90 Minutes, 2013

Adar, a 12 year-old girl with a boyish look and fervent imagination, lives in Tel Aviv with her workaholic mother, Alma (42), a doctor, and her stepfather, Michael (43), an attractive artist who works from home. ‘Doctor and patient’ role-playing games between Adar and Michael reveal a distorted relationship in which strong love and attachment develop into sexual abuse. Adar, who is unable to tell her mother about this, gradually loses her will to live. Her loneliness finds an outlet when Alan (12), a beautiful and delicate being, her soul mate, appears mysteriously at her home. Alan is an abandoned Russian boy who looks strikingly similar to Adar. Adar’s parents adopt the child into the family, although it is not clear whether Alan is real flesh and blood or a figment of Adar’s imagination. His arrival is cause for celebration and presents an opportunity for change for the whole family. But now, Adar obsessively observes the relationship that develops between Alan and Michael. Every nuance, every gesture, is a sign for her. To her dismay, Alan and Michael spend more and more time together. Soon enough, the awful truth emerges: the fatherly love Michael bestows upon Allen again turns into an abusive relationship. Adar struggles to save Alan but her desperate attempts to involve her mother prove fruitless. One afternoon, Alan loses his temper with Michael and threatens to expose the dark family secret. Alma makes her choice – she throws Alan out. Back on the streets, Alan meets his death in a highway roulette game, leaving Adar heartbroken. Seeking revenge, Adar decides to destroy her family.


Director: Tali Shalom Ezer

Producer: Elad Gavish

Cast: Shira Haas

Cast: Hadar Zohar Hanetz

Cast: Ori Pfeffer

Cast: Keren Mor

Writer: Tali Shalom Ezer

Art director: Dror Elhadad