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Praying With Lior

Directed by: Ilana Trachtman
87 Minutes, 2008, Documentary

Lior Liebling, the little rebbe, has Down syndrome, and has spent his entire life praying with utter abandon. Is he a “spiritual genius” as many around him say? Or simply the vessel that contains everyone’s unfulfilled wishes and expectations? Lior —whose name means “my light”—lost his mother at age six, and her words and spirit hover over the film. While everyone agrees Lior is closer to God, he’s also a burden, a best friend, an inspiration, and an embarrassment, depending on which family member is speaking. As Lior approaches Bar Mitzvah, the Jewish coming-of-age ceremony, different characters provide a window into life spent “praying with Lior.” The movie poses difficult questions such as what is “disability” and who really talks to God? Told with intimacy and humor, PRAYING WITH LIOR is a family story, a story of triumph and grief, but most of all, a story infused with divine inspiration.




Director: Ilana Trachtman

Cast: Lior Liebling

Written by: Ilana Trachtman

Distributor: First Run Features