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Planets – Four Variations of Detachment

Directed by: Ohad Milstein
50 Minutes, 2014

Set in a cold and distant orbit around the hot Israeli sun are four stories of deliberate isolation. A butterfly hunter, a man with a robotic arm, a family that runs a self-sustaining farm in the middle of the forest and a taxidermist who specializes in pets all wander in their spaces, devoted exclusively to their own worlds. Roaming between them in his own orbit is a man with a camera, drawing lines of communication between the spaces and characters. Through these people and their worlds he examines the emotional, artistic and technological conditions of the cinema that he creates.


Director: Ohad Milstein

Producer: Ohad Milstein

Research: Tamar Katz, Asaf Walden, Nitzan Saar, Dikla Hadas, Ron Yanai

Soundtrack: Shahaf Vagshel

Post production: Nechama Gertler