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Pick a Card

Directed by: Julie Shles
96 Minutes, 1996

A human comedy about love, magic and little people who try to make big dreams come true in the big city. David is a motor car electrician in Afula, who one day decides to leave everything behind and move to Tel Aviv in order to fulfill a childhood dream -and become a magician. He hits the road with his girlfriend Batya, but doesn’t consider that he might just lack the talent.  As far as David is concerned, his lack of success as a magician is only a temporary set back. Batya decides to help David face the facts about the gap between his dreams and reality. Will David fulfill his dream? Will love win? Is there magic in reality? Is love a kind of magic?


Director: Julie Shles

Producer: Assaf Amir

Producer: Talia Goshen

Cast: Zvika Hadar

Cast: Amit Lior

Cast: Orli Perl

1st Assistant Director: Yohanan Kredo

Costume Designer: Zipi Anglisher

Key Grip: Ronan Ne'emen

Make up Artist: Tali Peled

Cinematographer: Itzhak Portal