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Photo Faraj

Directed by: Levi Zini, Kobi Farag
77 Minutes, 2016

Tel Aviv, on the corner of Dizengoff and Arlozorov. Every day many Israelis walk by the photo shop that was once glorious and remains engraved in the collective memory as the epitome of family and wedding photos, but few know the story behind it. 
Member of the youngest generation of the Farag family, director Kobi Farag went on a journey to discover the family history. By digging in the private archives, he peeled layer by layer to reveal the story of ten brothers and sisters who immigrated from Bagdad in the fifthties and climbed the ladder of success from their lives in the transition camp to a luxurious home.
In his own way, he tries to solve the riddle of the painful disintegration of the family that drifted apart.


Directors: Levi Zini, Kobi Farag

Producer: Mosh Danon

Producer: Kobi Farag