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Partly Private

Directed by: Danae Elon
84 Minutes, 2009

A witty take on male circumcision and how people of the western world generally feel about it. Both comic and informative, the film questions how an ancient rite became normal medical practice in North America and other parts of the world. The film goes beyond the questions of right or wrong and takes us into a contemporary universe of purported paganism, tribal and family heritage. From New York to Jerusalem to Italy to Turkey, we follow the filmmaker’s personal journey where she is forced to ask: to circumcise or not to circumcise: Partly Private is a story about the bondage of loyalties that drive our lives and the necessary compromise that leads a family to stay together.


Director: Danae Elon

Producer: Paul Cadieux

Producer: Arik Bernsterin

Photography: Andrew T. Dunn

Editor: Miki Wanatabe Milmore

Line Producer: Nancy Guerin