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Out of Sight

Directed by: Daniel Sykrin
86 Minutes, 2005, Drama; Mystery/Thriller

Ya’ara, a blind twenty-four-year-old woman, is attractive, independent, confident, and intelligent. She has just begun her PhD in Mathematics at Princeton University when she hears of her cousin Talia’s suicide and rushes back to Israel. They were best of friends and twin spirits. Talia saw for both of them and was always the one who believed, and led Ya’ara to believe, that in spite of Ya’ara’s blindness, that she could see everything. Ya’ara joins Talia’s family for the traditional seven-day mourning period, and there she discovers the secrets of Talia’s life. She embarks on an investigation trying to discover the reason that led Talia to commit suicide, uncovering lies, secrets and surprises.


Director: Daniel Sykrin

Producer: Ayelet Imberman

Producer: Yoram Mandel

Producer: Mirit Tovi

Cast: Tali Sharon

Cast: Sandra Sade

Cast: Assi Dayan

Cast: Michael Aloni

Cast: Avigail Harari

Cast: Guy Loel

Cast: Israel Poliakov

Written by: Noa Greenberg

Distributor: Israeli Films


Israeli Film Academy:*Best Cinematography*Best Director

Haifa International FIlm Festival:*Best Cinematography

Vesoul Asian Film Festival:*Golden Wheel*INALCO Jury Award

Viareggio EuropaCinema:*Special Award