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Out For Love…Be Back Shortly

Directed by: Dan Katzir
55 Minutes, 1997

Dan Katzir’s autobiographical film expresses the outcry of his generation, as it struggles to find love and privacy amidst the reality of daily terror and hate. Mr. Katzir, a former officer and paratrooper intimately reveals his loves story with Iris, a charming girl about to begin her army service. This poetic film is also an important historic document with rare and shocking footage from the era of assasinated prime minister Yitzchak Rabin.


Director: Dan Katzir

Producer: Dan Katzir

Cast: Sacha Baron Cohen

Cast: Noa Ben Artzi Philosoph

Cast: Leah Rabin

Cast: Yitzhak Rabin

Cast: Iris Arie

Cast: Dan Katzir

Writer: Iris Arie

Writer: Dan Katzir