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Open Heart

Directed by: Gad Elsen
66 Minutes, 2015

Ami Schonfeld, a young man from an ultra orthadox family, Bnei Brak, made his almost imaginary dream come true and became the senior cardiac surgeon at Sheba Medical Center. A few years ago, when the city of Sderot got bombed Dr. Schonfeld decided to help the residents. Since then he has volunteered in the community as a physicians in Sderot and helps them to get public health equivalent to that of the private level of medicine in confrontation with the bureaucracy of public health and a stubborn refusal to join the private medicine and make money on that side. In his special way he saves lives and souls, but in practice, he gives up his free time and pay a personal price, economic and family, forcing it to deal with the question of whether he should leave his patients in Sderot and turn to private medicine.


Director: Gad Elsen