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One Shot

Directed by: Nurit Kedar
60 Minutes, 2004

This is the first time ever snipers of Israel Defense Forces were given permission to be interviewed for a film. After 5 weeks of training an Israeli soldier can become a sniper if he chooses to. Snipers are part of every combat unit. The war scenes in the film were taken by combat soldiers on duty. Since the last Intifada Israeli snipers are used for targeted killing. The sniper is the only soldier who sees the ” white of his victim’s eyes”. This is what separates these soldiers from the other fighters. The image of the gun, the bullet and the man behind them who waits patiently and calmly, in the quiet darkness in order to fulfill the command and shoot one single shot. These make him appear as a heroic fighter and, perhaps to others, a cold-blooded murderer. “ONE SHOT” focuses on snipers who still serves as reserved snipers in the Israeli Army. For the first time ever they speak on their killings, their feelings confronting their memories and their morality. They do not regret killing, they still believe in one shot – one kill.


Director: Nurit Kedar