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One Out Of Three

Directed by: Sivan Ben Ari
55 Minutes, 2013

Ricki divorced her husband three years ago. Together with her daughter Noor, she moved in with her elder brother Yakir and his partner Ran. That temporary living arrangement became an especially alternative family when Ricki, her brother and his partner decide to have a child together and become a parenting trio. They face many challenges along the way and are forced to create their own family rules. Documented over the course of three years, this unique relationship raises fascinating questions about the conventional family. At the same time it depicts a very unusual relationship between a sister and her brother, torn between their mutually dependent relationship and their desire to live autonomous, independent lives.


Director: Sivan Ben Ari

Producer: Naama Pyritz

Editor: John Avishai

Cinematographer: Sivan Ben Ari, Riky Elkayam, Yakir Elkayam, Ran Ziv

Original music: Shalom Gad

Soundtrack: Daniel Meir