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Directed by: George Ovadiah
90 Minutes, 1972

Shoshana from Tveria and Moshe from Tel Aviv are about to get married. A radio broadcast announces that Moshe died in a car crash. In her grief, Shoshana returns to Tveria. It turns out that Moshe was not killed but he has opened a new singing career. Shoshana has a car accident as well and looses her eyesight. She is pregnant with Moshe’s child – Nurith. Will the two lovers ever meet again?


Director: George Ovadiah

Producer: George Ovadiah

Producer: Yoram Ben-Ami

Cast: Yona Elian

Cast: Sassi Keshet

Writer: George Ovadiah

Editor: Avi Lifshitz

Original music: Albert Piamenta

Cinematographer: Yehiel Ne'eman