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Directed by: Amikam Shossberger
51 Minutes, 2008

The IDF is in pursuit of a wanted man and the entire West Bank city of Tul-Karem is under closure, a daily routine. And then, as if the rules of the closure do not apply, an old Subaru car pulls over, two women run, grab little Nuran by her hands and mouth, slam her against the backseat and vanish. Nuran was eight years-old when she was kidnapped from her doorstep inside the Palestinian Authority and into the State of Israel. In the years since her kidnapping her parents have been staging a desperate, life-threatening, Kafkaesque search; forced to deal with the hurdles thrown at them by the IDF and the Israeli Police. Director Amikam Shosberger accompanies the family during a four year period since the disappearance of their daughter. His camera documents the surreal, impossible reality in the twilight zone between two nations, military road blocks, underworld activities, and Palestinian collaborators. It is a chilling, fascinating documentary, exploring the unknown phenomenon of kidnapping Palestinian kids into the State of Israel by exploiting the chaotic state of warfare between the two nations.


Director: Amikam Shossberger

Producer: David Mandil

Producer: Nurit Kedar

Writer: Amikam Shossberger

Cinematography: Natan Levi

Cinematography: Ehud Segev

Cinematography: Amikam Shossberger

Editing: Shimon Spector

Sound: Danny Zukerman