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Directed by: Lev Prudkin
117 Minutes

The story takes place in August 1991, when in the former USSR there was an unsuccessful attempt of a political coup led by the Soviet intelligence services – the KGB, and the “mighty” Soviet Union collapsed within three days. However, this political struggle is only a background for dramatic events that occurred with the main characters of the film in a Soviet government villa in the Crimea (now – the Ukrainian territory annexed by Russia), where they were spending their summer holidays. The nightmare of their relationship reflects present and future nightmares of their country.


Director: Lev Prudkin

Producer: Vladimir Prudkin

Producer: Sasha Klein

Cast: Slava Jolobov

Cast: Nataliya Vdovina

Cast: Elizaveta Boyarskaya

Cast: George Marchenko

Cast: Aleksey Agranovich

Cast: Dima Sova

Cast: Aleksandr Feklistov

Cast: Sofya Kashtanova

Cinematographer: Ziv Berkovich

Cinematographer: David Stragmeister

Cinematographer: Boris Litovchenko

Writer: Vladimir Prudkin

Writer: Lev Prudkin

Original music: Evsey Evseyev

Editor: Vladimir Prudkin

Editor: Lev Prudkin