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Directed by: Edit Sheratzki
52 Minutes, 2010

What is happening in the consciousness of a woman who wakes up on the morning of the last day of her life, at least she thinks so, and her family are able to accept it? Nechama (Rivka Michaeli) gets up in the morning with a premonition that she will die by the end of the day. To make sure her close family won’t miss seeing her for the last time, she asks her granddaughter Neta (Adi Gilat) who is interning in a psychiatric hospital, to arrive early for her usual bi-weekly visit. Neta is busy with a new patient (Nina Kotler), a suicidal woman who has aroused her concern. Nechama’s husband (Gdalya Besser) is aware to the psychiatric background of Nechama, so he accepts her fears as a symptom of deterioration or as a revenge for an earlier and still unforgiven crisis in their marriage. Neta has a difficult session with her suicidal patient who leaves in the middle of it; she is continuously bombarded with phone calls from her grandparents asking her to come and with her mind in turmoil she leaves the hospital. Nechama has gathered her family around her, longing for the consolation she hopes will come from their giving up their individual self-centered preoccupations and concentrating their love and attention on her.     


Director: Edit Sheratzki

Producer: Edit Sheratzki

Producer: Ilanit Frack

Cast: Rivka Michaeli

Cast: Gdalya Besser

Cast: Adi Gilat

Cast: Nina Kotler

Cast: Yoav Barlev

Cinematographer: Rotem Yaron