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Naf – A Street Kid

Directed by: Moshe Alafi, Yoav Kleinman
58 Minutes, 2006

The shocking and revealing documentation of a homeless boy’s life over a two and a half year period. Naf (Naftali), is an ultra-orthodox boy thrown out of his parents’ home for being a “bad apple”. From the age of 14 he wanders the Jerusalem streets, and is exposed to crime, violence, and sexual assault. Only fighting keeps him alive; fighting the city council as a representative of homeless youth; fighting the man who sexually abused him through the court system, fighting the radio stations to convince them to play his music. This is a child not only fighting for life, but for self respect and a future. This is the struggle for survival experienced by all our homeless children – as seen through the eyes of Naf – a street kid.


Directors: Moshe Alafi, Yoav Kleinman

Producer: Moshe Alafi

Original music: Daniel Ran

Original music: Naf Yawitz

Editor: Amir Meirom

Cinematographer: Yoav Kleinman