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Nadia’s Friends

Directed by: Chanoch Ze’evi
60 Minutes, 2006

Nadia’s Friends is a documentary which follows filmmaker Chanoch Ze’evi as he travels through Israel exploring how Zionism has evolved since he was a child. Ze’evi attended elementary school in the religious Zionist village of Kfar Haroeh, where his classmates represented a cross-section of Israeli society. They included Jews of every background: Ashkenazi, Sephardi, religious, secular, and even one Arab girl – Nadia, for whom the film is named. Now, more than twenty-five years after graduating from elementary school, Ze’evi has organized a class reunion that brings together men and women whose lives have diverged from the original journey begun in Kfar Haroeh.


Director: Chanoch Ze’evi

Producer: Chanoch Ze’evi

Writer: Chanoch Ze'evi

Writer: Bosmat Zaidenband

Original music: Avichai Levi

Cinematographer: Yoram Millo

Editor: Sara Salomon

Editor: Asher Tlalim