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Directed by: Alon Gur Arye
91 Minutes, 2019, Comedy; Israel Film Center Festival

When an American tech billionaire is kidnapped in Jerusalem, the CIA decides to send its own agent to join the Israeli Mossad team’s rescue operation. A hilarious international espionage caper ensues as the Mossad and the CIA compete to save the world from an international terror organization, ala Airplane! and Naked Gun.

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Director: Alon Gur Arye

Producer: Haggai Arad

Producer: Leon Edery

Producer: Moshe Edery

Producer: Ofer Naim

Producer: Elad Peleg

Writer: Alon Gur Arye

Cinematographer: Ido Berland

Editor: Roey Rinat

Editor: Isaac Sehayek

Editor: Eyal Sibi

Music: Erez Aviram

Music: Sharon Levy

Cast: Tsahi Halevi

Cast: Efrat Dor

Cast: Tal Friedman

Cast: Adi Himelbloy

Cast: Dvir Benedek