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96 Minutes, 1979

Anne, a Parisian, visits her friend Yola in Tel Aviv, where Yola lives with her husband Avi and their son. There’s tension in the air and the attraction between the two women is palpable. Flash back five years to their meeting, on a train to Jerusalem. Yola invites Anne to stay at her hotel, and over the next five days, their friendship builds from talk about their lives to an explosive menage a trois when Avi joins them on fourth day. Back in the present, can Yola have both Avi and Anne, or are the women futilely chasing rainbows?


Producer: Rudy Cohen

Producer: Moshe Mizrahi

Producer: Louis Wipf

Cast: Assi Dayan

Cast: Eliram Dekel

Cast: Brigitte Catillon

Cast: Dahn Ben Amotz

Cast: Goldie Heller

Cast: Elisabeth Klein

Cast: Yehoshua Luff

Cast: Rose Meshihi

Cast: Tova Piron

Cast: Avi Pnini

Cast: Ariella Rabinovich

Cast: Shmuel Shaked

Cast: Menasche Warshavsky

Cast: Adi Weiss

Cast: Gideon Zadok

Cast: Michal Bat-Adam

Cinematographer: Yves Lafaye

Editor: Sophie Coussein

Original music: Hubert Rostaing