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Mom, Dad, I’m Muslim

Directed by: Anat Tel Mendelvich
58 Minutes, 2012, Documentary; Other Israel Film Festival

Like any devout Muslim, Maor goes to the mosque, studies the Qu’ran, and prays towards Mecca five times a day. But there’s something which sets Maor apart – she was born May Davidovich, to a Jewish family in a small Israeli town called Karmiel, and converted to Islam when she was 18 years old. Mom, Dad, I’m a Muslim picks up four years later, when Maor has begun to look for a husband who’s observant of her adopted faith. This informal domestic portrait illustrates Maor’s plight of being torn between two worlds, longing to find a place in the Arab community while dealing with the shunning she faces from her own. Maor and her family’s journey towards a new synthesis, illustrated in humble everyday moments, is a testament to the triumph of human values over institutional walls.
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Director: Anat Tel Mendelvich

Producer: Sasha Klein

Producer: Anat Tel Mendelvich

Original music: Avi Benjamin