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Weddings and Other Disasters

Directed by: Nina Di Majo
102 Minutes, 2010, Comedy

Ana is the eldest daughter of a wealthy Florentine family and, unlike her sister, has never been lucky with men. First, during her adolescence she was considered “ugly” and “smart”. Now, she is fifty and still unmarried. And what’s more, she now must also arrange the marriage of her younger sister, who is pretty and self-possessed, with a man who already is very nice but that has conquered the whole family.


Director: Nina Di Majo

Producer: Beppe Caschetto

Cast: Mehmet Günsür

Cast: Francesca Inaudi

Cast: Luciana Littizzetto

Cast: Fabio Volo

Writer: Francesco Bruni

Writer: Nina Di Majo

Writer: Antonio Leotti

Original music: Davide Mastropaolo