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Lyrics by Rothblit 2012

Directed by: Deva Oz Melman
52 Minutes, 2012

The five discs that Yankeleh Rothblit put out during the period of 1978-2011 tell the story of a dual life; a dialogue with the daily reality of Israeli society alongside the personal development of an artist. The Journey to Peace examines these parallel lines. Yankeleh Rothblit rose to fame mostly as a result of texts that he wrote and that were set to music and performed by others. These songs, as beautiful as they are, tend to be on the lighter side. They are not especially complex or demanding of the listener in the way of his independent work. The film exposes the audience to the entirety of his work – from the writing of the texts, to the composition of the music and to the performance of his own songs. His is a rich, complex and thought-provoking oeuvre.


Director: Deva Oz Melman