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Lone Samaritan

Directed by: Barak Heymann
50 Minutes, 2009, Documentary; Other Israel Film Festival

As a tiny sect constantly in danger of extinction, the Samaritans have very harsh rules about assimilation. After Sophie Tzdaka and her three sisters left the community, one after the other, the family became subject to terrible physical and mental harassment by sect members.
Director Barak Heymann (“Bridge over the Wadi”, “Dancing Alfonso”) follows Sophie, who is the youngest daughter as well as a TV personality, on a journey to her family’s open wounds in an attempt to understand who the real victim of their shattered home was.
Lone Samaritan is a touching father-daughter journey, which raises universal issues of belonging, faith and identity, and forces its heroes to confront the difficult isolation of those who seek a personal path within a closed tribal world.


Director: Barak Heymann

Producer: Barak Heymann

Cinematographer: Uri Levi