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Local Story

Directed by: Avishag Leibovic, Matan Peled

Local Story follows local newspaper Ma’Nishma Kiryat Gat over the course of one year. Tamar and her two children, Ovad and Adi, write, edit, and distribute the paper. Their daily routine includes long expeditions throughout the city, carrying a notepad and a camera, in search of the next big news item. Between a story about laid off factory employees and coverage of a local dance competition, the three must cope with significant financial debt from the past that threatens the paper’s future. They struggle with all their might to save the paper, because for them, Ma Nishma is not just a business, but also comprises the living space where the family meets, chats, fights, and laughs; thanks to the paper, they have one common goal: to publish a new issue of Ma Nisham Kiryat Gat every week.


Directors: Avishag Leibovic, Matan Peled

Producer: Asaf Amir