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Little Heroes

Directed by: Itay Lev
76 Minutes, 2006, Drama

Four kids, while returning from a field trip, set off on a rescue mission after one of them, gifted with a telepathic ear, discerns distant cries for help from two teenagers in a crash. They find themselves journeying through a military firing range, a mysterious herd of ostriches, and a kibbutz where they meet both friends and foes. Will they be able to save the teenagers in trouble?


Director: Itay Lev

Producer: Einat Dvash

Cast: Avigail Ariely

Cast: Tzion Baruch

Cast: Daniel Damidov

Cast: Lucy Dubinchik

Cast: Dana Ivgy

Cast: Miki Kam

Written by: Eran B.Y.

Distributor: Noa-International Film Marketing


Won - Zlin International Film Festival for Children and Youth - Best Feature Film for Children