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Life for Land

Directed by: Tamar Wishnitzer-Haviv
70 Minutes, 2003

From her house window in the settlement of Maon, on the occupied territories, Adi gazes at the hill where she and her late husband Dov Dribben dreamed of living. Dov began building their home on the hill, threatening the Palestinian inhabitants of the area, and eventually killed in a confrontation with them. Dov soon turned into a symbol amongst other settlers. His thirty-year-old widow, Adi, was left to care alone for their four children. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict as it is reflected in the Maon events serves as the background for the changes that Adi goes through. Following Dov’s death, she is torn apart by her commitment to ideology on one hand and her private life on the other.


Director: Tamar Wishnitzer-Haviv

Producer: Joe Levin

Producer: Ophira Dagan

Original music: Jonathan Bar-Giora

Editor: Oded Tabak

Cinematographer: Yoav Kosh