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Let it Never End

Directed by: Renen Schorr
101 Minutes, 1986

Rebellion,music,and bitter debates about pacifism and patriotism in the late 60’s,when high school graduates spend their last summer vacation before being drafted.


Director: Renen Schorr

Producer: Ilan De Vries

Producer: Doron Nesher

Producer: Renen Schorr

Cast: Sharon Bar-Ziv

Cast: Vered Cohen

Cast: Noa Goldberg

Cast: Miki Kam

Cast: Maxi Nesher

Cast: Shahar Segal

Cast: Yoav Tzafir

Cast: Dor Zweigenboim

Original Music: Rafi Kadishzon

Film Editing: Shlomo Chazan

Cinematography: Eitan Harris