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Lemon Tree

Directed by: Eran Riklis
106 Minutes, 2008

Salma, a 45 years old widow from a small Palestinian village in the West Bank, finds herself fighting the Israeli Minister of Defense who built his house on the green line border between Israel and the Occupied Territories on the edge of Salma’s lemon grove. Soon enough the Israeli authorities claim that the grove is a threat to the security of the minister as terrorists can hide amongst the trees and they order that the trees be cut down. Salma, who lives on her own, decides that she will fight for her trees. From this decision onwards a dramatic, engaging, very funny story evolves all the way to the Israeli High Court. 


Director: Eran Riklis

Producer: Leon Edery

Producer: Moshe Edery

Producer: Dudi Zilber

Producer: Eran Riklis

Producer: Ira Riklis

Producer: Bettina Brokemper

Producer: Antoine de Clermont-Tonnerre

Producer: Michael Eckelt

Producer: Johannes Rexin

Cast: Hiam Abbass

Cast: Doron Tavori

Cast: Ali Suliman

Cast: Lana Zreik

Cast: Jamil Khoury

Cast: Makram Khoury

Cast: Yair Lapid

Cast: Loai Nofi

Cast: Einat Saruf

Cast: Michael Warshaviak

Cast: Hili Yalon

Cast: Tarik Kopty

Cast: Amos Lavi

Cast: Amnon Wolf

Cast: Smadar Jaaron

Cast: Danny Leshman

Writer: Suha Arraf

Writer: Eran Riklis

Cinematographer: Rainer Klausmann

Editor: Tova Asher

Original music: Habib Shadah

Art director: Miguel Markin