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The Last Suspect

Directed by: Matti Harari, Arik Lubezky
81 Minutes, 2006, Drama

Danny Breznitz, in his late forties, is a detective in the Tel Aviv Police, and is hospitalized following a near-fatal car accident. His personal life is a mess: his marriage with his wife, Ruthie, is childless and one-sided, while his relationship with his mistress, Eva, is about to fall apart. Upon recovery, Breznitz is handed an insignificant murder case. In pursuit of the unknown killer, he discovers a culprit who confesses to the crime, but Breznitz doubts the man’s guilt. Instead, he starts taking a tour of Israel’s underground, which includes a prostitute turned hairdresser, a pimp who poses as a born-again Jew, and a homosexual artist who has been disowned by his parents. While at first the investigation goes nowhere, a shocking discovery may hold the key to solving the case.


Directors: Matti Harari, Arik Lubezky

Producer: Matti Harai

Producer: Arik Lubetzky

Producer: Alexander Rechter

Cast: Shmil Ben Ari

Cast: Orel Timsit

Cast: Ruthi Navon

Cast: Haim Znati

Cast: Zion Baroch

Written by: Matti Harari

Written by: Arik Lubetzki

Distributor: IsraeliFilms