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Last Stop

Directed by: Julie Shles
76 Minutes, 2014

The main bus station in Tel Aviv is like a lens focusing on the problems of contemporary Israel. It is here, at the margins of society, where the lives of thousands of illegal immigrants from Africa and Israelis from across the world meet. The observation of the station and its neighbourhood reveals a mosaic of languages, races and religions. All this creates a truly explosive mix – the place governed by its own rules conceals a wealth of xenophobia, racism and violence.


Director: Julie Shles

Producer: Shula Spiegel

Producer: Dana Eden

Cinematographer: Yitzhak Portal

Cinematographer: Vitali Alex Krivich

Cinematographer: Reuven Brodsky

Cinematographer: Fima Shlik

Cinematographer: Rami Katzav

Original music: Aviv Aldema

Editor: Sharon Elovic