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Directed by: Dor Mosessco
45 Minutes, 2009

Seventy-eight-year-old Ze’ev Landsman gives in to family pressure and moves into a retirement home. After a botched escape attempt, he is forcefully returned to the home by his son and daughter-in-law. Although he is now closely watched, Ze’ev refuses to give up on his escape plans. Ze’ev grudgingly accepts the assistance of fellow resident Arye Freund, and the two form a strong bond of friendship as they plan the ultimate escape.


Director: Dor Mosessco

Producer: Dor Mosessco

Producer: Lior Kidron

Cast: Mosko Alkalai

Cast: Shmuel Wolf

Cast: Arye Adler

Editor: Gal Mosessco Kariel

Cinematographer: Zvika Pincus

Writer: Dor Mosessco

Editor: Dor Mosessco