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Directed by: Baris Atay
110 Minutes, 2015

Lack is a story that originates after the 1980 military coup, between 1981 and 1984, during the years when the hunt for revolutionaries was most prevalent, and continues today. Pregnant Melek’s husband is arrested and later killed by torture. Although she has just given birth, she is kicked out of the house by her father-in-law, who keeps her older son Deniz. After 30 years pass, Deniz, now a misanthrope, desolate and alcoholic, turns to his mother and brother who he hasn’t seen ever since. Now he will have the answers to all his questions. But, the truth has a price. “As a person whose family went through similar issues; during this era of trauma, I am intrigued by the ongoing effects of the coup. We believe that the effects of the coup on the country as a whole have manifested on this family that we depict here. Although the consequences seem to be significant then, it is obvious that these traumas have left scars on several generations and created conscience rifts and serious soul searching that have sustained decades.” 


Director: Baris Atay

Producer: Baris Atay